garage conversion in Pasadena

Smart Renovation and Conversion Ideas for your Home Garage

For a majority of homes, a garage is only a place to park your car or dump your unwanted or unnecessary items at home that have become obsolete and defunct. But, there are great ideas to convert your garage into spacious rooms, office space or family suites that can best serve your lifestyle needs and purpose. Here in Pasadena, CA, one can hire the services of top-rated general contractors that are able to do the job, as per your specific requirements. If you’re thinking of transforming your outdated looking garage space and want some magical ideas, there are a few that can be incorporated for your home garage.

  1. Flooring of the Garage

You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to garage flooring. The most popular flooring that is seen in garages all over the US, is concrete flooring. It is because a garage faces the maximum wear & tear than any other flooring. But, due to the problem of permanent stains on concrete, it is best advised for acrylic emulsion or paint on the garage concrete floor. You can consult with a local general contractor in Pasadena, CA, about the same. Then you can also go for concrete paving or concrete stamping work that leads all the way to the garage from the main entrance.

  1. Transforming it Into a Family Room or Suite

Your neglected lying home garage can be converted into a master family suite or a bedroom, whatever you want. It would be like a self-sufficient unit, with all the modern amenities. It would have a guest living room, a master bedroom, a kitchen & a dining, apart from wash rooms. In this way, you can easily accommodate your new family members in one such newly converted garage. There are a few specialists in garage conversion in Pasadena, CA, that can help you convert your idle lying home parking sp[ace into a modern living unit or room.

  1. Insulating the Garage

Due to the extremes of weather conditions in California, it is best advised to insulate your garage with high-grade insulation materials. You can rope-in the services of a top-rated Pasadena general contractor or an insulation company for the job. It can help your family stay warm, cozy and dry during the winter months, and cool during the hot & arid Californian summers. This is what an insulation does. And, when your garage too has an insulation, apart from your existing house, it’s with a full-fledged living space.

  1. Creating a Loft Space

For gaining additional space, it can be a creation of a loft in your garage that can help add a new and extra carpet area. This can be utilized for accommodating your adolescent children and growing kids. This is how a creative garage construction and space conversion can do the trick. And, it is a specialist general contractor that is able to convert your home garage into a spacious and luxurious living arena. Here in the loft, you can install a mini bed for two, and that is something creative.

So, why not call a home remodeling contractor in your town and get the job of garage conversion done as per your needs, requirements and likings. This can easily help solve the problem of space at your small residence to a great extent. After all, what’s the need for keeping an idle lying garage at home, if it cannot be utilized into a functional dwelling space.